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Empower your team with. The Best Skills

A learning experience that drives on-the-job performance

Train your tream better, faster, and more efficiently than ever before.

Effective content by industry leading experts

Features & Benefits

Et3alem.com engages users in content they need and want to learn, helping employers build or expand workforce learning and development programs.

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    Current & cutting edge content

    We offer over 1000 High quality training videos over 8 categories

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    Train Any Employee

    Train your employees anytime, anywere and on any device..

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    Track progress with assessment results and completion stats.

Courses Samples

The largest Arabic online coureses library .

How it works

Choosing the required courses

The first step is to choose which courses and skills your team requires.

either its on our current courses library or you need a customized content specialized for your company.


Assign courses to your team

You can assign each team memeber specific courses or assign the same courses for all the team.

Each team memeber recieves a user account to manage his courses and take the related quizes and assigmentsa ccordingly.


Recieve end of training reports

After your team completes their assigned courses they go through different quizes and assigments throught their content and then you recieve a detailed report of their individual results.


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